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December 6, 2014

Mary Daly, Judy Grahn, Charlene Spretnak Endorse At The Crossroads

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Endorsements of At The Crossroads by Mary Daly, Judy Grahn…

Mary Daly, author of Gyn/Ecology and Pure Lust
“I was delighted to see the first issues of At The Crossroads. I have found At The Crossroads refreshingly honest and intellectually challenging. It offers daring explorations of New Ideas for Radical Feminist Searchers and gives us sparks of hope for carrying on in these snool ridden times.”

Judy Grahn, Author of Another Mother Tongue and Blood, Bread and Roses
“At The Crossroads is the leadership wave of the present and future, at last a reuniting of political and cultural feminism, a reclaiming of both the rational and intuitive sciences for woen, and an exciting, crucial forging of ties between feminist philosophies and new science. I am sparked by the fine quality of mental, spiritual and cultural explorations and joyfully recommend the Zine to everyone.”

Charlene Spretnak, author of States of Grace and editor of The Politics of Women’s Spirituality
“Crossroads brings us thoughtful Explorations of feminism, spirituality, and post-patriarchal, post-modern, post-reductionist science – all key elements in the badly needed passage to an Ecological Age.”

Z. Budapest, author of The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries and The Grandmother of Time
“Good for you “Crossroads”! Another great communicator in the Goddess’ service. Varied and thoughtful, humorous and serious all at once. Applause! Applause!”

Feminist Bookstore News
“The most-mentioned new magazine this summer when I was traveling briefly through five feminst bookstores…was At The Crossroads…Serious, thoughtful, insightful but not hopelessly academic.”

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