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November 11, 2014

At the Crossroads: Feminist Magazine Exploring Spirituality and New Paradigm Science

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At The Crossroads is a feminist magazine that was published from 1992 to 1996 and edited by Jeanne Neath. Mary Daly enthusiastically endorsed this radical feminist magazine saying that At The Crossroads “offers daring explorations of New ideas for Radical Feminist Searchers and gives us sparks of hope for carrying on in these snool ridden times.” Judy Grahn was likewise “sparked” by this feminist journal saying, “At The Crossroads is the leadership wave of the present and future, at last a reuniting of political and cultural feminism, a reclaiming of both the rational and intuitive sciences for women, and an exciting, crucial forging of ties between feminist philosophies and new science.” (See more endorsements.)

All seven back issues of our radical feminist magazine can now be purchased here. You’ll find highly relevant quality feminist writings by writers including Barbara Mann, Paula Underwood, Beverly Rubik, Paula Mariedaughter, Shelley Anderson, Sara Rajan, Jeanne Neath, Andy Smith, Suzette Haden Elgin, Antiga, Laura Irene Wayne, Pamela Colorado and many others. (More info below)

Purchase all seven issues of At The Crossroads for $40.00 + shipping (U.S. only – International orders please )

To view more information or buy individual issues click on the issue you are interested in.

At The Crossroads Preview Issue  - Feminist Magazine Exploring Spirituality and New Paradigm Science

Preview Issue
Indigenous Science: Pamela Colorado talks with Jane Carroll
Why At The Crossroads? by Jeanne Neath
Amnesia by Ruth Geiger
Firewalking by Paula Mariedaughter
Science: A Feminine Perspective by Beverly Rubik
The Compassion in Anger by Nina Silver
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At The Crossroads Issue Two

Issue Two
Turning the Wheel: Lesbianism, Feminism and Buddhism by Shelley Anderson
Jung and Myth: A Feminist Reappraisal by Sara Rajan
Winter Counts: The Novels of Louise Erdrich by Ruth Geiger
The Quest of the Frontier Scientist by Beverly Rubik
Diss That Dismal Science (Economics) by Coralie
Lilith by Dianalee Goldman
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At The Crossroads Issue Three-Lesbian Feminism

Issue Three
The Black Madonna: My Search for Mother Earth by Dianalee Goldman
The Spirit of Abduction: Child Abuse, Shamanx and UFOs by Ruth Geiger
The Future Cult of S & M (science and mathematics)
The Religious Right: Dividing the African-American Community by Janet Perkins
Abortion’s Third Side: The Evidence by Walene James
Forum: Is lesbianism a biological given; a result of childhood socialization; or a personal, feminist, spiritual, or childhood choice?
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At The Crossroads Issue Four  - Indigenous Knowledge

Issue Four
A Native American Worldview by Paula Underwood
Space to Grow: Woman-Centered Spirituality in Action by Donna Fontanarose Rabuck
Eve is Calling by Cheryl E. Plunkett
The Fire at Onondaga: Wampum as Proto-Writing by Barbara Mann
Toni Herring and Her Art by Toni Herring
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At The Crossroads Issue Five  - Cultural Imperialism in the Forum

Issue Five
Darwin’s Glass Slipper: A Feminist Critique of the Theory of Evolution by Sara Rajan
Folger-Geiger UFO Abduction Dialogue Continues with Mariah Folger, Ruth Geiger, and Jeanne Neath
Cultural Assumptions and Perceptions of Reality in Experienced Anomalous Events by Mariah Folger
Questions and Contradictions: A Visit to a Women’s Ashram in India by Shelley Anderson
Hopi and Tantric Clues to the Cretan Labyrinth by Jude Todd
Forum:Are European Americans practicing cultural imperialism when they “adopt” Native American spiritual practices or are we moving toward a “Rainbow Tribe”?
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At The Crossroads Issue Six - Barbara Mann on Iroquois Oral History

Issue Six
The Walking People – For Surely That Must Be Our Continuing Name, a review by Barbara Mann
On the Nature of Clan Mothers by Paula Underwood
Mystery in My Blood by Nasira Alma
The Mirror of Evolution: Darwin’s World and Influences by Sara Rajan
Forum: Is the concept that “you create your own reality” an empowering metaphysical truth or a self-serving, disrespectful, “new age” fantasy that blames the victim?
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At The Crossroads Issue Seven  - New Paradigm Science

Issue Seven
The Goddess Ix-Chel and the Curandera Tradition by Dianalee Goldman
No Road Maps by Bonita Rinehart
Ecology is a Sistah’s Issue Too: The Politics of Emergent Afrocentric Ecowomanism by Shamara Shantu Riley
From God to God-Complex: The Religious and Magical Background of Western Science by Sara Rajan
Forum: How can feminists dismantle the “star”/”expert” systems and create a truly grassroots movement that encourages all women to speak and be heard?
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About Our Feminist Magazine

As feminists we learn to questions every aspect of our culture. At The Crossroads extends that questioning to include our understanding of reality itself. The Western patriarchal culture we live in denies the existence of spiritual realities, telling us that the material world we experience with our five senses is the only reality.

At The Crossroads brings feminism, spirituality and new paradigm science together to explore the non-material realities that our culture so often denies. The purpose of the search for knowledge is curiosity and the desire to participate in changing the basis of modern culture from patriarchal, mechanistic and materialistic to a living, loving, life-respecting culture that treasures all of life. Understanding reality is a first step to changing reality.

In the Preview Issue of At The Crossroads editor, Jeanne Neath, explained the purpose of this feminist magazine:

Why is it after so much effort by so many dedicated, insightful people that our social and environmental problems continue growing worse every day? There are probably as many answers to this question as there are dedicated, insightful activists. At The Crossroads explores one possible answer: we do not yet understand the reality we want to change. We are having trouble changing the world, not just because we don’t have enough power in Washington or haven’t organized enough protests, but because we do not understand power, understand ourselves, or understand how reality functions. Our techniques for changing the world may be faulty because we don’t have an accurate understanding of reality.

At The Crossroads brings together three perspectives – feminism, spirituality and ‘new paradigm’ science – in its explorations of reality. Each of these disciplines – feminism, spirituality, science – is used in our culture as a means of exploring different aspects of reality. Traditionally science is the method used to find out about material reality. Spirituality is the means for coming to know about non-material reality. And feminism is one means of coming to know social reality and critiquing social institutions including science, religion and spiritual traditions. Using these three techniques we can uncover cultural lies about reality and move ahead into a new, more accurate comprehension of reality.

At The Crossroads:
Editor: Jeanne Neath
Associate Editor: Paula Mariedaughter
Art Editor: Rebecca Shephard
Contributing Editor: Barbara Mann
Publisher: Spirited Women Book Co.
Single Back issues are available for $6.50 each plus shipping
Contact: Jeanne Neath

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