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November 26, 2014

Lesbian Feminism Goes Center Stage in the Forum: Issue Three of At The Crossroads

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At The Crossroads Issue 3 - Lesbian Feminism Forum

Issue Three of At The Crossroads

Issue Three $6.50 + shipping (U.S. only – International orders please contact us)

Issue Three features our forum asking the question: Is Lesbianism a biological given, a result of socialization, or a choice? Lesbian feminism has always had a very different understanding of the lesbians born or made question than that of the gay male or queer movements. The gay male point of view seems (for now) to have won out with the common belief of the general public that lesbians and gay men are born “that way” and can’t help it. But, in this At The Crossroads you can hear what feminists have to say and consider the perspective offered by lesbian feminism and its analysis of compulsory heterosexuality. Four feminist writers give their very different perspectives.
Editor, Jeanne Neath, explains how the institution of heterosexuality and the sexual pairing off of men and women helps accomplish one of the major tasks of patriarchy: the control of women by men. Her analysis extends the lesbian feminist analysis of compulsory heterosexuality, an important consideration in lesbian feminism. She says: (More below)

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The Religious Right: Dividing the African-American Community by Janet Perkins
Abortion’s Third Side: The Evidence by Walene James

Is lesbianism a biological given; a result of childhood socialization; or a personal, feminist, spiritual, or childhood choice?

Book Reviews
Sara Rajan reviews Women Who Run With the Wolves
Shelley Anderson reviews Refusing Holy Orders and Speaking of Faith
Jeanne Neath reviews Outercourse

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Lesbian feminism goes center stage in the Forum: Excerpts

Jeanne Neath

What is the institution of heterosexuality anyway? This is a topic that heterosexual feminists rarely address and that lesbians also avoid, I suspect because the topic generates such distress among many heterosexual feminists… The institution of heterosexuality is based in the assumption that heterosexuality is the natural, normal, inevitable means of human sexual relating and that social relationships naturally follow sexual relationships… The institution of heterosexuality is not an innocent social practice, but instead a cornerstone of patriarchy. The sexual pairing off of men and women accomplishes (in most cases) one of the major tasks of patriarchy: the control of women by men.”

Karen Peper:

“Lesbians – born or made?…[T]o engage with this question implies agreement that there is something that causes a womyn to be a lesbian. When we agree to engage in discussion about the ‘origin’ of a lesbian identity we tacitly agree to the patriarchal assumption that we are Other… When we remember that there is not a similar debate as to whether heterosexual womyn are born or made, then we can clearly expose the insidiousness of the “cause-effect dynamic – a dynamic that implies and supports subjugation of an Other to the Norm.”

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