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March 4, 2017

The Tree Guarding “the Flyway”, Fayetteville, AR

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This mature oak tree survives the rush of human traffic daily and offers inspiration to all who see her, and inspired Linda to write this tribute.

I stand beside the gray bridge over land
Do you see me? My arms are strong and many
I am naked in the sun, rain and snow
But as the sun moves north
I will be clothed in glorious green.
But see me now
Do you notice the multitude of branches,
the hundreds of twigs that contrast against the sky?
I stand alone rooted to the earth
from which I gain my strength.
But I see you fly by in your metal and plastic
containers polluting the air we all inhale.
Can you change your roots to the road anymore
than I can pull my roots from the earth?

 by Linda Barnes, March 2016

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